Partners Program


Real Estate Agents – Your clients are our clients.

When you entrust us with moving your clients, we deliver the highest quality of service to them, and you. We don’t see referrals as a one-time occurrence, or a one-way street. We value our relationships with our partners and go the extra mile to give you peace of mind.

From delivering on our promise of superior service to keeping you in-the-know, your clients’ move is one thing you will not have to worry about. See the list below of services “before, during or after the move” that your future clients might be interested in.

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Services for moving and beyond.

Our core services include household goods moving and storage services. We also coordinate and manage other pre-move and post-move services to deliver more value to your clients and give them peace of mind during the stressful time of moving.

Before Move



During Move


Moving of Specialty Items

After Move


Let us do the heavy lifting.

Our Customer Care Team will answer any questions you have and can also be your single point of contact throughout your client’s move. We make note of any special concerns you may have or any additional moving services that are needed and keep you informed throughout the moving process.

We offer email to notify you when we’ve completed appointments, arrived on moving day and completed the move. This optional service gives you peace of mind and let’s you focus on your clients.

To meet one of our Customer Care Representatives and to learn about the Tailored Partners’ experience, call us today.  1-833-860-MOVE (6683)